Order a reproduction of the South American Gold "Jet" artifact
from Clifford Scott
for $7.00

Repro Jet front view.

Repro Jet top view.

Jets are approx. 2 to 3 inches long.
Reproduction is made of kiln-fired ceramic clay,
has 6 BBs epoxied onto it,
is painted with gold acrylic paint,
with black in the spirals,
and is protected with clear gloss spray enamel.

These are fairly easy to make. Use clay that can be kiln-fired.
Forming this jet in pieces is a lot easier than trying to form it in one piece.
Remember that when joining pieces together
the joints must be fairly wet.
I make my jets a little fatter than the originals
because thinner pieces tend to break more readily.
The original jets have wing spirals that go all the way through the wings.
I avoided this because it would be very hard to do with clay.
I just made my wing spirals about 1/16th of an inch deep
and then painted them black.
BBs are used in place of small cylinders on the tail assembly
because I couldn't find any small cylinders.
But do not neglect to epoxy these BBs on where indicated.
These items are what give the whole thing a mechanical look.
After the clay has been fired, then epoxy the BBs in place.
Paint the Jet with gold metallic spray paint, then paint the wing spirals black.
Then cover the whole thing in a clear protectant
either painted on or sprayed on.
This will keep the gold paint from becoming dull
due to handling by many small grubby hands.

If making a Reproduction Jet seems too complicated or beyond your abilities,
you may order one already made by Clifford Scott.

Buy it now for $7.00
Price includes shipping and any taxes.
(The Jet you get may not be the exact one pictured
as I have many of these Jets)